David Loye: The Integral Darwin - Acknowledgments

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To think back upon all who helped you during the years it took to get to this point is a moving and humbling experience. Where do you begin, where do you end?

I think of all the fascinating people I came to know and learn from within seven specific group experiences. Beyond those I've briefly written of in this book was the amazing scientific diversity and global spread of the rest within both our General Evolution Research Group and the core Council of the Darwin Project.

Ranging from biologists and physicists to psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, historians, educators, and political, management and systems scientists ... from Great Brittain, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, and Russia in Europe and China, Sri Lanka, and Australia in Asia ... here are both those identified in the book and the rest of the members of both groups to whom I'm indebted.

For the General Evolution Research Group:

Ervin Laszlo, Peter Allen, Robert Artigiani, Ralph Abraham, Singa Sandelin Benko, Kenneth Busch, Gianluca Bocchi, Thomas Bernold, Raymond Bradley, Bela A.Banathy, Bela H. Banathy, Alexander Christakis, Allan Combs, Miriam Campanella, Mauro Ceruti, Eric Chaisson, John Corliss, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Vilmos Csanyi, Duane Elgin, Riane Eisler, Sally Goerner, Attila Grandpierre, Susantha Goonatillake, Mae-Wan Ho, John Hisnanick, Min Jianin, Stanley Krippner, Jurgen Kurths, Gyorgy Kampis, David Loye, Alexander Laszlo, Kathia Laszlo, Eduard Makarjan, Ignacio Masulli, Pentti Malaska, Alfonso Montuori, Mika Pantzar, Ilya Prigogine, Karl Pribram, Gerlind Rurik, Maria Sagi, Peter Saunders, Stanley Salthe, Jonathan Schull, Rudolf  Treumann, and Francisco Varela.

For the Darwin Project Council:

Marcus Anthony, Angeles Arrien, Ralph Abraham, Bela H. Banathy, Kenneth Busch, Richard Bird, Howard Bloom, Raymond Bradley, Alexander Christakis, Allan Combs, Gerald Cory, Jr., Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Riane Eisler, Duane Elgin, Sally Goerner, Rod Gorney, Thom Hartmann, Hazel Henderson, Mae?Wan Ho, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sohail Inayatullah, Min Jiayin, Jeffrey Kane, Helena Knyazeva, Stanley Krippner, Hans Kung, Ervin Laszlo, Daniel Levine, Bill Levis, David Loye, Paul D. MacLean, Peter Meyer-Dohm, Ron Miller, Alfonso Montuori, Nel Noddings, Bruce Novak, John O'Manique, Barclay Palmer, Sister Ruthmary Powers, Karl Pribram, Raffi, Robert J. Richards, Ruth Richards, John Robbins, Nancy Roberts, Frank Ryan, M.D, Stanley Salthe, David Scott, Tim Seldin, Christine Sleeter, Joseph Subbiondo, Brian Swimme, and Michael Toms.

I am further indebted to, and want to thank those I came to know through the invaluable group learning experience of my two year membership in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Monterey Peninsula, e.g., Dorothy, Ian, and Bob; my Thursdays with the explorations of the Elders Group, Paul, George, Jay, the two Brians; my Il Fornaio Friday buddies, Lou, Brian, Kim; the friendship and aid of the incomparable David Gordon; my new involvement in the Integral Theory community inspired by Ken Wilber's works and impressive team, Jeff, Steve, Terry, Carter; and Michael—who did a magnificent job identifying Darwin quote sources; the lifetime embrace of my family, in particular my lone remaining sister Wendy, my daughters Jenella and Kate, sons Chris and Jon, grand sons Evan, Chris, and Kenny, and Andrea, Loren, Julia, Matt, and Cami in my extended family.

Through it all, always, in both former, present, and I hope future lifetimes, the incomparable love of my brilliant and beautiful wife and partner Riane.

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